Masti Ki Pathshala Conducted

At Hope Child Development Centre (HCDC), Chankapur on May 21, 2016

Masti Ki Pathshala – A fun learning activity, was conducted for the children of HCDC, Chankapur on Saturday May 21, 2016. More than 70 kids in the age group of 4 to 12 years participated in this activity.

InfoCepts team was welcomed by the children who were all set to do some Masti and explore some learning. At the outset, Navneet carried out a quick recap session on the lessons learnt in the previous activity, KALAKRITI, which drew good response from kids who shared the dos and don’ts of summer days. InfoCeptians were awestruck on how these little champs remembered even the minute details taught to them earlier.

The team then recited a poem with action on “Save Water” explaining the importance of water and the necessity to save it. To make the event more interactive, the team encouraged kids to share their views on the following questions – how to save water, how can waste water be reused, what are the preventive measures to be taken and how can they spread awareness among their families, friends and society. This initiative was a great success as many kids voluntarily came up in front, recited the poem with actions and also shared their views about above-said questions.

Then, it was time for a fun filled indoor game “Pass the Ball”. It was not the usual pass the ball game; rather it had its own twist. Kids were divided in 6 groups, each lead by an InfoCeptian. Defying their young age group, the kids got acquainted with the game very quickly and demonstrated their talent with immense energy. Children enjoyed this activity a lot as it was the first time when they were playing such a strategic game involving team coordination and motivation. Through this activity the team succeeded in bringing smiles on kids’ face which ultimately served the very purpose of this Masti Ki Pathshala.

The event concluded by gifting them “School Chale Hum Kit” which included a notebook , cursive writing book to enhance their handwriting skills, brown book cover, notebook name labels and a small refreshment box.



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