Knowledge Sharing Activity “Gyanmaala” Conducted

At Hope Child Development Centre (HCDC), Chankapur on Saturday, Sep 24, 2016

iCARE team spent another day of joy, enthusiasm and knowledge sharing with the children of HCDC, Chankapur on Sep 24th, 2016. More than 80 kids in the age group of 4 to 10 years participated in the activity. The main objective of the program was to educate the children about the Solar System, colours and shapes.

The team of InfoCeptians received a warm welcome by the staff and children, who were all set for the activities. Their enthusiasm and zeal was worth appreciating.

At the outset, the team did a quick recap session on the lessons learnt in the previous activity and were really pleased to see these little kids remembering all the volunteers by their names and also shared their learnings from previous activities.

The children were then divided into two groups according to their age. Smaller kids were taught about various shapes and colours with the help of wall charts and real objects. They were also taught some nursery rhymes with actions which the kids enjoyed a lot. The other group of senior kids exposed to the nuances of the Solar System. The volunteers very well explained the names of the planets (in English and Hindi) and their positions along with some very interesting facts about the Solar System. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the session and seemed to have developed keen interest in the topic.

The event concluded by giving the kids some refreshments. The amount of discipline which the children displayed throughout the event was exemplary.

Lastly, one of the staff at HCDC, proposed a humble vote of thanks to the iCARE team on behalf of the school and kids expressing the faith and gratitude HCDC has in the team and their efforts.


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