iCARE Inaugurates Educational Facilities at Nagar Sikshan Mandal, Sindi

Inauguration and Dedication of Classroom Furniture and Laboratory Equipment

At Kesarimal Nagar Vidyalaya, Nagar Shikshan Mandal, Sindi | Friday, August 04, 2017


“Nine tenths of education is encouragement.”

– Anatole France


Reflecting this thought, iCARE partnered with Nagar Shikshan Mandal (a Trust that runs educational institutions in Sindi Village) and extended its support to procure Classroom Furniture and Laboratory Equipment for Kesarimal Nagar Vidyalaya.

On Friday, Aug 04, 2017, the facilities were inaugurated and dedicated at the hands of Shri. Dineshkumar Garg (Director – InfoCepts Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)  in the presence of  Dr. Micah Aiyub (Head- iCARE), Mr. Raghuvaran Pandian (Associate- iCARE), and Mrs. Gargi Talatule (Project Anchor from InfoCepts).

Trustees of Nagar Shikshan Mandal and school staff lauded the efforts put in by iCARE to help in upgrading educational facilities of the school such as:

  • 80 New Desks and Benches in various classrooms
  • Science Laboratory equipment – Microscopes, tuning forks, ohm meters, prisms, some chemicals, etc.

Students were very happy with the upgraded facilities at their Science Lab and performed few experiments related to Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Geography. iCARE Team members had enriching time interacting with students and asking them questions pertaining to those experiments. Looking at their excitement and preparedness, iCARE team members felt nostalgic and fondly remembered their own school days.

A Creative Writing Competition on the topic –“Autobiography of Desk- Bench” was held and the winners were felicitated by Dineshji during the event.

iCARE Team expresses its gratitude to Mr. Ashish Fadnavis (Manager- Finance) and Ms. Vandana Gour (Lead – Finance) for their encouragement and guidance.  We also thank the Cab Services team for making necessary travel arrangements.


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