iCARE Extends Its Reach To Chennai By Conducting Enablement Program For Special Kids


“There is no higher religion than human service and to work for the common good is the greatest creed.”

Going with this intent, InfoCepts Chennai team stepped out for the second edition of CSR drive on 11th Feb 2017. Aligning with focus on empowering society through iCARE interventions, Chennai team initiated its step forward to make a difference.

Last year, iCARE has conducted its maiden activity at Chennai for flood victims in which 50+ families were supported through donation of Relief Kits. Extending its impact, this time, iCARE team recognized a school – My Child Foundation, which is engaged in the development of special children with physical and mental challenges. It was a great opportunity for techies to witness the joy and smiles on the faces of these special children. The team collaborated very well in order to carry out the activity with excellence. Despite scorching summer of Chennai, team members made their strong presence coming from distant locations for a good cause.

It started with Senthil who identified the school, understood their needs and sought after the possible areas of iCARE interventions with them. The event was led by Tirupathi and the team comprised of 12 associates. Arul and Eswar actively planned the event which started at 10 AM in the morning. The entire team exhibited their exuberance and helped to carry out different activities effectively. Catering to school’s need, the team then distributed essential commodities like medical equipment, stationery items and provisional items. Rakesh, Prarthana and Thameese helped in distributing the needful items. Children were very much excited to receive books and chocolates from the associates. The team also conducted few fun games like musical chairs and passing the ball which brought huge smiles on the faces of these special kids. On the other hand, Mohideen, Hamza and Sumit came forward and interacted with kids which made them feel cheerful. They were accompanied by Vijay, Suresh and Anil who facilitated the event with great enthusiasm. Manish and Balaji were behind the lens who captured beautiful smiles of these kids.

The event concluded at 1 PM in the afternoon and the entire team wished children for their bright future and assured to get associated with them in the best possible way in future too.

Such events minimizes the gap and helps in transforming the society for a better tomorrow. The culture of service towards weaker communities and volunteering for social upliftment was a great learning experience for the team.

iCARE has been consistently working for the betterment of many under privileged with sincerity and whole heartedness. Having many corporate social responsibility projects accomplished successfully at Nagpur, it really feels great to see that iCARE Chennai too is becoming active.


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