iCARE Equips GSWH Students with Study Materials for Competitive Exams !!

GSWH Inmates Received Study Course Materials at the hands of Praveen Jhamnani

At Government Sheltered Workshop for Handicapped on Sunday, Dec 11, 2016

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”

-Malcolm X

Starting with this note, iCARE team conducted their latest activity – Educational Drive for the young guns of GSWH.

It had been long since the children were lacking the basic needs – books and availability of skilled teachers. On their earlier drive, iCARE Project Team identified the unavailability of these basic needs as the most important and pressing need.

Responding to this need, the team members got dedicated for providing students the basic education of Mathematics and English subjects for academic and Competitive Exams. The initiative evoked a great response with a large number of enthusiastic InfoCeptians volunteering for this activity. The volunteers were prepped up beforehand about the topics.

A pre-assessment exam was conducted for the students prior to the teaching to know about their understanding of the subjects. Post exam, the students were divided into batches with assigned volunteers, who taught them Maths and English lessons. The volunteers were patient and attended each and every student in their batch, helping them in resolving their difficulties and helping them in the topics in which they were stuck up. The satisfaction of being enlightened by some quality mentors was clearly visible on the faces of children.

iCARE team along with Mr Praveen Jhamnani, Delivery Manager, InfoCepts handed the children few books and course material. After interaction with the children, the team came to know that many of the students are placed in different sector of Government Jobs through various competitive exams and how they are idolizing to follow their footsteps to success.

The team would be visiting the institute every weekend for the next two months delivering the guidance and knowledge and will strive to ensure the quality education and guidance being imparted to all children.

iCARE team that put in their efforts in planning and execution is comprised of Jayshree Dawrewar, Vasu Bajaj, Riddhi Kapse, Uzma Qureshi , Payal Doshi , Harshit Somani , Khushaboo Narayane, Aatif Qureshi, Priyanka Dahikar, Omkar Lakhe, Pranjali Najwale, Mayuri Tadse, Gurpreet Kaur Bhatia and Raghuvaran Pandian.


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