iCARE Encourages Specially Abled Children of GSWH towards Physical Recreation

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.

– Babe Ruth

This exactly is the case with young guns of Government Sheltered Workshop for Handicapped (GSWH), who try to excel in each and every area they take up.

iCARE has been continuously supporting them in their academics through educational drives being conducted every weekend since last three months. The specially-abled teens not only fascinated iCARE team with their performance in studies, but were also seen very passionate about sports and expressed their desire to practice few games to polish their skills.

On Sunday, 19th March 2017, iCARE team visited to present them with some sports supplies and to organize few games. The idea was to bring them out of their monotonous routine and to get them involved in some sports activities.

Earlier while discussing with children and staff, iCARE team had learnt that these children were sports enthusiasts and that they have won a prize in Cricket Competition. iCARE congratulated them and appreciated their efforts by giving them Sports Kit comprising of Carrom Board, Chess Boards, Football, Volley ball and other supporting sports articles. Immediately afterwards, the volunteers got engrossed in playing different games with them.

To everyone’s surprise, the students seemed to have mastered each and every game. All the volunteers had tough time matching with the talent of these young guns keeping the atmosphere highly energized all the time.

The event concluded with everyone enjoying delicious chocolates and ice-creams. The smiles on their faces were portraying the happiness of a well spent day, the memory of which seemed to be everlasting.

iCARE Project Team comprised of Riddhi Kapse, Vasu Bajaj, Madhuri Vidhani, Piyush Muthal and Omkar Lakhe.


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