Educational Drive Conducted

At Government Sheltered Workshop for Handicapped, Nagpur – September 25, 2016

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World”

  – Nelson Mandela

Believing in this very true and famous saying, the iCARE team set out for their visit to Government Sheltered Workshop for Handicapped (GSWH) on Sunday, 25th Sept 2016 to carry out their educational drive and empower the young talents by imparting them some knowledge.

During their previous visit, the team interacted with children and came to know about the challenges faced by them in studies like shortage of course books and unavailability of skilled teachers for conducting classes and providing guidance.

Catering to this pressing need, the team decided to carry out an educational drive to help these children through associate engagement program. It evoked great response as large number of enthusiastic infoceptians volunteered for this activity. The volunteers were briefed beforehand about the subjects they can take up for guiding students.

Team, on their arrival to institute, interacted with children, divided them into batches and assigned to volunteers who taught them Maths and English lessons in order to prepare them for their school exams and upcoming competitive exams. The volunteers very patiently attended each and every student in their batch and resolved their difficulties in the topics in which they were stuck up. The satisfaction of being enlightened by some quality mentors was clearly visible on the faces of children. iCARE would also be procuring few course books for these children so that their preparations are not hampered by shortage of study materials henceforth.

After some serious studies, the volunteers also joined them for playing some games.

InfoCepts iCARE team would be visiting the institute in future as well to ensure that quality education is being imparted to all children there.